Support for PeakInvestigator™ and MZmine PeakInvestigator™ Edition

MZmine PeakInvestigator Edition is the open-source MZmine 2 application with the addition of the PeakInvestigator public API providing optional access out to and back from PeakInvestigator software processing. PeakInvestigator is supported by Veritomyx, whether it is accessed through MZmine or other software using the public PeakInvestigator API.

Other than the PeakInvestigator API, the MZmine 2 open-source community supports the balance of the open-source code in MZmine PeakInvestigator Edition. We prefer that users submit bug reports for any code in MZmine PeakInvestigator Edition to us. We will work with the MZmine 2 community to manage the bug fixes. This will help us coordinate bug fix releases with our customers’ needs.

Technical Support for PeakInvestigator or MZmine PeakInvestigator Edition

Technical Support for MZmine 2

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