PeakInvestigator™ Workflow Integration

PeakInvestigatorâ„¢ technology is available as software-as-a-service. Our simple public application program interface (API) is easily incorporated directly into any mass spectrometry workflow. Your validated workflow remains intact while you leverage PeakInvestigator algorithms on any or all of your data.

PeakInvestigator advanced signal processing capabilities are achieved through state-of-the-art algorithms that execute efficiently on our Veritomyx high-performance computing platform. Accessing PeakInvestigator is easy by using our simple API from your existing validated mass spectrometry workflow.

Ask us about integrating the PeakInvestigator API into your mass spectrometry workflow.

MZmine 2 Integration

Figure 1. PeakInvestigator™ services are available for easy integration into your workflow and through the open-source MZmine PeakInvestigator™ Edition.

We incorporated the PeakInvestigator API into the popular open-source MZmine 2 mass spectrometry data processing package, creating MZmine PeakInvestigator™ Edition. This is an option for accessing PeakInvestigator capabilities if you have not already incorporated the API into your existing mass spectrometry workflow.

All that you need to do is simply set up a valid account for PeakInvestigator processing, submit your raw mass spectral data to MZmine PeakInvestigator Edition, and specify PeakInvestigator data analysis.

MZmine 2 functionality was preserved in the PeakInvestigator Edition, with the only changes being the addition of the API and menus to access PeakInvestigator plus a few additional user convenience features. Users install MZmine Investigator Edition on their local machine in the same way that they would install MZmine 2, retaining the its full functionality. When PeakInvestigator processing is selected, the embedded API securely transports your selected files over the web to the Veritomyx high-performance computing platform. When PeakInvestigator analysis is completed, the results flow securely back through the API and are reinserted back into your validated mass spectrometry workflow (Figure 1).

Veritomyx supports PeakInvestigator software as well as the PeakInvestigator API and menus in MZmine PeakInvestigator Edition. The MZmine 2 community supports the balance of the open-source MZmine 2 software.

The open-source MZmine PeakInvestigator Edition is available for Download.